MudShield 55

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14.00 LBS


MudShield 55 was designed for outstanding performance.  With a highly cleanable finish and low odor application, this is the ideal finish for high traffic hospitality, healthcare, institutional, and residential applications.

MudShield 55 is a very durable, high-quality concrete coating that offers superior flexibility, gloss retention and color retention.  MudShield 55 will provide an easily cleanable, stain-resistant, graffiti resistant, concrete coating for interior and exterior surfaces. MudShield 55 can be applied over properly prepared substrates including concrete, carbon steel, aluminum, ceramic, polished stone, gypsum board, CMU, and previously coated surfaces.

Sheen: Clear Semi-Gloss
Kit Size: One Gallon Kit
Mix Ratio: 4 Resin : 1 Activator
Application: Indoor & Outdoor Uses

UV Stable
Compliant with USDA Incidental Food Contact Requirements
Chemical Resistant
Low VOC & Non-Isocyanate
less than 100 grams per liter VOC
MS-55 LEED 2009 compliant
Compliant with USDA Incidental Food Contact Requirement
2 Coats recommended 


Why choose a Solvent Based Concrete Sealer? 
Water based sealers are very time consuming and have complicated application processes.  They also tend to have varied success with adhesion and surface consistency.  Solvent sealers are less temperamental, more predictable, more repairable, have better adhesion, and have a better resistance to chemicals.  Solvent based 2k coating systems crosslink better than similar water based coating systems. 

Why choose a Semi-Gloss Sheen? 
Keeping a consistent surface sheen is a challenge. Matte sealer finishes are subject to marring, burnishing, and glossing with usage. The Matte finish will eventually wear and break up into areas that are shinny and areas that are matted down.  We are not suggesting that Semi-gloss coatings won't wear and scratch.  All coatings will eventually wear down and scratch. 



Mudshield 55 Application Protocol

Mudshield 55 Application Video 

MudShield 55 Application Process



  • Always test coatings on large sale samples before applying to real client projects. Make sure you are comfortable with the application process and happy with the results before transitioning onto client projects. We recommend testing on (24" x 60" x any thickness) to create a real world trial sized piece.
  • PPE - Wear Gloves and Eye Protection while handling this product.
  • Do not coat your concrete the day after you cast it. Do not coat your concrete the same day that you wet process the surface. Concrete cure time depends on environment, temperature, altitude, mix design and other factors. For any coating application we suggest to wait a minimum of 24 hours after wet processing. You have gone through all that work to cast your concrete project….don't be hasty.
  • Heat/temperature will affect the work time of the coating. We recommend keeping MUDSHIELD 55 in cooler temps to start out with a cooler mix.  
  • Although not required, acid etching will create the best possible bond for coatings to adhere to.
  • We recommend mixing 2.5 - 5 oz at a time. This is a reasonable amount and will cover a mid-sized project. It is critical to measure the "A" & "B" parts correctly.
  • We do not recommend using foam rollers - they might breakdown and/or swell



Concrete surface must be cured, clean, dry, & free of contamination prior to application of MUDSHIELD 55. We recommend not exceeding 200 diamond polishing and the surface should be dry-sanded (post polishing) to remove any remaining swirls and sanding marks. 



  • For mixing use:  8 oz paper cup  |  4 oz glass measuring cup  |  Wood tongue depressor stick
  • MUDSHEILD is a 2K system:  4 Parts “A”  to  1 Part “B” (4:1)
  • Open the “A” can (Resin) and mix the material thoroughly
  • Swirl the “B” can (Activator) for a minute with the lid on to adequately mix. Open the lid. 
  • Measure out “A” and “B” quantities by volume
  • Pour quantity “B” into quantity “A” and begin to stir. Mix by stirring in one direction, reverse, and stir the other direction.  Make sure to scrape the sides all around while stirring to ensure that you have completely mixed the two components properly.  Mix for 2 minutes..






First Coat

1.25 1 1/4 9
2.5 2 1/2 20
3.75 3 3/4 30
5 4 1 40

Subsequent Coats

1.25 1 1/4 15
2.5 2 1/2 30
3.75 3 3/4 40
5 4 1 50



Roller Application Method(recommended)

First Application: 

Use a 9 in. x 1/4 in Polyester Adhesive & Epoxy Roller to apply sealer. For tight spaces we recommend using a 4" x ⅜ nap roller or chip brush. Starting at one corner of a piece, pour sealer onto the concrete and immediately begin to roll material out over the surface. Move outward from your starting point. Once you have begun rolling out sealer, be sure to pour additional sealer only on areas that have already been coated with sealer. Randomly pouring sealer on uncoated areas can cause blotchy and spotty appearances. Once the concrete surface is completely coated, make several roll passes to even out the film thickness of the coating.

IMPORTANT: Less is more with this sealer.


To achieve your perfect finish, use a dry 5/16" or 3/8" nap non-shed microfiber roller to back-roll the sealer. Begin at one side of the concrete piece and work your way down towards the opposite side. Apply a bit more pressure to the unrolled side to feather roller lines across a project's surface. You may need to make a few passes.

Subsequent Applications: 

  • Wait a minimum or 24 hours prior to re-coating or sanding.
  • We recommend always sanding between coats with 220 grit. If you are re-coating within 48 hours of the first application, sanding is optional.
  • Thinning: MUDSHIELD 55 can be thinned out with 5% Xylene of total volume. The need to thin this sealer is rare. Example: 4 oz A : 1 oz B = 5 oz - Add .25 oz Xylene.
  • We recommend using a 4" ⅜ nap roller for tight spaces only. We do not recommend using foam rollers - they might breakdown and/or swell


Spray Application Method

Siphon Tip = 1.4mm – 1.7mm / 40-55 PSI at the gun  Gravity Feed: Tip = 1.3mm – 1.4mm / 40-55 PSI at the gun
HVLP Spray Guns: Tip= 1.3mm – 1.5mm / 10 PSI max (at the air cap)

  • Apply 1-2 medium coats until desired coverage is reached. Allow a 5-10 minute flash time between coats
  • Recommended film thickness: 2.0 to 5.0 mils DFT
  • Surface temperatures must be at least 5° F (3° C) above the dew point for application.
  • Thinning: MUDSHIELD 55 can be thinned out with 5% xylene of total volume. The need to thin this sealer is rare. Example: 4 oz A : 1 oz B = 5 oz - Add .25 oz xylene.



Follow local, state and federal regulations.  Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for proper handling of products listed in this bulletin. Acetone may be used to clean application rollers and other equipment immediately after use.  All rollers can and should be reused for multiple applications after use.