SRA Concrete Shrinkage Reducer

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35.00 LBS


Shrinkage is a main cause of cracking.  Concrete slabs can shrink as much as 1/2 inch per 100 feet forcing stress cracks in your hard work.  SRA Concrete Shrinkage Reducer can reduce concrete shrinkage cracking up to 90%. This material will also assist in mitigating concrete curling.  SRA is a white powder that is added into your dry scratch mix. 

Loading Rate:
SRA Concrete Shrinkage Reducer Loading rate can go as high as 5% of cement content or 5 lbs per every 100 lbs of cement.  

Shrink reducing agent is not a magical powder and will have little to no effect if you break all the concrete rules.  To make great concrete, you need to make good choices about how you make your concrete.

  • Strong and flowable mix design
  • low water to cement ratio 30% or less. Use plasticizers properly to keep water content down
  • Good curing techniques: Heat curing and locking moisture
  • Getting your concrete up and off casting surfaces, on all sides, to allow it to uniformly breath after demold
  • If you wet polish the top and edges, wet the underside of your slab as well to help balance the slab