Toll Blending

What is Toll blending?
Toll blending, also known as toll milling, contract manufacturing or custom processing, includes the custom mixing and handling of a customer’s product for a fee aka “toll”.  Toll blending services are provided for a various range of products and are typically associated with a large volume of mixing materials with complex formulations.  Toll blending is not specific to just cement type mixes.  it covers a broad spectrum of any recipe of products that need to be "blended" or mixed together on a large scale, and then bagged for uses or sale/resale.   

Toll blending contracts can range from filling 3000 lb supper sacks with concrete mixes to private labeling a custom colored grout mix that is bagged, labeled, and ready for resale. For complete vendor confidence, confidentiality agreements are standard practice to protect both blendhouse and it’s clients.  The pricing of products and services will be based on the volume of goods produced and purchased.

What are the benefits of Toll Blending?
Manufacturers may not have the resources necessary to make products in their own facilities.  Capital investments in specialized equipment, facilities, labor and energy can be cost prohibitive for in-house operation.  Already equipped with machinery and knowledge, blending companies can provide manufacturing services for batches of various sizes from small laboratory trials to full-scale production batches.  The outsourcing of toll processing services can offer significant savings over in-house production.

Why should you consider Toll Blending?

  • Mix Quality control and consistency
  • More cost effective than blending in-house
  • Technical product support and competency
  • Ability to easily adjust production volumes and mix designs or formulations
  • Meeting compliance for regulatory requirements
  • Eliminates the investment of expansive and large equipment

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