About Us

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Who are we and why we are different
We don't just makes concrete products - We actually use them every single day in manufacturing and the field.  Our Blendhouse staff completely understand the diversity of challenges that concrete fabricators go through daily.  

Blendhouse is a group of successful concrete fabricators, business folks, and manufacturing/operations minded people. We leverage the differences in our core strengths to come up with thoughtful and well-rounded solutions for our clients.  Blendhouse provides what we call our "house blend mix" and can also blend and bag custom formulations that can be shipped both nationally and internationally. We strive to sell blended concrete bag mixes that are consistent, reliable, and at the best possible price point.  Our concrete products, admixtures, and sealer / coatings are the very best and are directed exclusively at concrete professionals.  We care about our client’s successes, because each time our clients win, it builds both our businesses.  The blendhouse team is extremely hands on with the entire process and we seek to understand your business and business needs.

Quality Control and Testing
Blendhouse is in the business of packaging and delivering your toll blended products to either you or your end customers with the most strict level of quality control possible.  Each blended batch is inspected for quality control against a standard control.  A retain is taken from each batch and it is labeled with a lot number to ensure consistency in the blending process and to allow for efficient troubleshooting.  All of our incoming raw materials are also tested against a standard to ensure consistency and quality across our blends.