19mm Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber

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44.00 LBS


ARG Fiber 19 mm 3/4" Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber

Casting the best quality GFRC begins with the highest quality Glass Fiber Reinforcement. 19mm AR Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Chopped Strands. Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Fiber Glass is the heaviest strands of the of the leading fibers manufacturer Nippon Electric Glass America Inc. 19mm Fiber Strand contains 200 filaments. 18 microns diameter of the filament provides your GFRC with the highest integrity and the most resistance to filamentization during mixing and processing. . Manufactured by NEG America Inc. Packaging 1 lb, 44 lb.

  • Ideal for mortar and concrete reinforcement applications as well as all decorative applications (sinks, countertops, fireplace surrounds, etc.)
  • 18 Microns filament diameter
  • 200 Filaments per strand 
  • Increase Tensile Strength (three times higher than steel)
  • 19% or higher zirconia content provides excellent fiber alkali resistance and acid resistance
  • High young's modulus
  • Suitable for spray-premix


Frequently Asked Questions

If I grind to expose aggregate, will these glass fibers show in the surface?

Yes, glass fibers will show up on surface if you’ll grind concrete surface unless you mix two batches and line your mold with about 1/2 to 3/4 in of the batch without the glass fibers. Also depends if you are doing cast in place or inverted. You can also torch the the alkali resistant fibers after grinding. 
How much glass fiber do I need for casting GFRC Countertops?
It really depends to your preferences or casted product, but average alkali resistant fibers to GFRC concrete ratio is between 1 to 3% by total concrete weight. For 100 lbs of GFRC you need between 1 to 3 lbs of glass fibers. Always make a test prior casting actual product. Standard concrete ratio 1 1/2 to 3 lbs per cubic yard