Liquid Acrylic Polymer (5 gallon pail)

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44.00 LBS
Maximum Purchase:
10 units


Liquid Acrylic Polymer is intended for use in GFRC and other Professional Concrete applications. This product contains 50% +/- Solids.
Recommended dosage rate for the HB7 GFRC Concrete Mix is 3 lbs for every 50 lb bag of Mix.

Bulk Pricing at 11 buckets or more.

  • 42 lbs per bucket
  • Can be purchased in both 5 gal pails or 55 gal drums.
  • Speeds up the casting and curing process by eliminating the wet-cure cycle. 
  • This product has been engineered to tolerate multiple freeze thaw cycles.
  • Creates moisture retention to assist the concrete with a better internal cure.
  • Unlike Dry Polymer, Liquid Acrylic Polymer will not impart an offensive odor to the concrete.
  • Meets PCI specifications.
  • Increases both Flexural & Tensile strengths and allows for larger, thinner concrete castings.
  • Creates a more dense concrete that will reduce moisture absorption.
  • Will reduce concrete shrinkage, crazing, and map cracking.
  • Can be used for Indoor and outdoor concrete applications.




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