VCAS 160 White Concrete Pozzolan

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VCAS™ White Pozzolans

VCAS™ Pozzolans are made from Vitrified Calcium Aluminio-Silicate material having low alkali content, consistent chemistry, uniform color and a wholly amorphous (glassy) state caused by rapid water quenching of the extruded molten material. After primary sizing and drying, the feed stock is finely ground and processed through high efficiency classifiers to produce a fine White powder with quality assured physical properties. The consistent chemical composition and tightly controlled particle size distribution offers excellent repeatability of properties in concrete applications. Currently, the VCAS™ patented technology produces pozzolans in three grades: VCAS™ 8, VCAS™ 140 and VCAS™ 160.

VCAS 8™ and VCAS™ 140 are commonly used in systems with low w/c ratio and steam cured or warm weather curing conditions where the lower reactivity associated with an 400 Blaine product is sufficient for the application. VCAS™ 160 has a much finer particle size and has the reactivities normally associated with silica fume and metakaolin with the advantage of being White in color. All VCAS™ grades exhibit approximately 10% lower water demand than silica fume or metakaolin, and can be used at cement replacement levels of up to 40%.

VCAS™ Pozzolans are “green” construction materials made from industrial by-products that help contribute to the sustainability of cement and concrete. VCAS™ Pozzolans use in concrete replaces an equal amount of cement resulting in energy conservation and CO2 emission reductions from cement manufacturing. For every ton of cement manufactured, about 3.5 million BTUs energy are consumed and one ton of carbon dioxide is released.

Many cities and government agencies require LEED green building certification for new public buildings. Improving the durability of concrete with recycled content reclaimed from local/regional sources and reducing heat island effects with the use of light-colored/high reflectivity materials help earn LEED points toward achieving a greater level of LEED certification.

Product Uses
Pozzolan for cement, mortar, concrete, stucco, faux stone and related products.

SDS: Download VCAS SDS